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Our company want to employ one people in Vietnam for liaison/ seeking business opportunity.

Is it necessary for us to set up a RO for this purpose?

What are the details we need to beware if we need to set up a RO/hiring people (i.e. employment contract, tax issues (Personal Income Tax), social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance)?

If we do not need to set up a RO, what will we need to do for employee’s PIT (how to report tax authority?)?

As I know Vietnam has foreign exchange control, what will be the details of this policy?

Please provide an answer which suits our situation.


Please find our comments here under:

– You do not need to setup a R.O in Vietnam to employ one people in Vietnam for seeking business opportunity. In this case, you should enter into a service agreement with him/her. Then, base on such contract, he/she can invoice your company for payment to his/her account in Vietnam. He/she shall be liable to declare and pay his/her PIT under Vietnam Law.

Vietnam on Foreign Exchange does not prohibit you from making payment to a Vietnamese Citizen. You can remit him/her by USD and the bank shall be liable to exchange from USD into VND in accordance with exchange rate announced on the payment date.



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