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Question: I am Brazil citizen and my husband is New Zealander and we live in Australia for a long time. My husband has been working in Vietnam since January, we lived and Hanoi for 5 months and currently living in HCMC.
We decide to adopt here in Vietnam as we felt in love for this country and its people. Adoption is something pretty new to us and I would like to start the process as soon as possible.
Could you please let us know about your services?

Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law who was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to adoption issue.

Since both of Brazil, Australia and New Zealand do not have cooperation agreement with Vietnam on intercountry adoption, you and your husband must satisfy conditions for adopting a specific child in Vietnam.

The conditions shall be as follows:

 - You and your husband registered your marriage and it must be evidenced by a certified marriage certificate.
- You and your husband must obtain clean criminal record in New Zealand and Brazil.
- You and your husband must have resided in Vietnam for at least 12 continuous months before filing application dossier for intercountry adoption.
This must be evidenced by a confirmation letter issued by local police where you reside in Vietnam. Please note that during the time when your application dossier is reviewed by Vietnam International Adoption Department, both of you should not leave Vietnam. A short vacation of 01-02 weeks can be acceptable.
- Both of you should obtain work permit in Vietnam and labor contract between you and companies in Vietnam must be presented to the competent authority.
- Both of you should obtain recommendation letter of your colleagues or relatives in Vietnam in order to confirm that you are suitable for take caring a child and you are able to resolve problems that an adopted foreign child may face with if he/she live in Australia including ethnic discrimination.
- New Zealand or Australia does not object both of you to adopt a child in Vietnam.
-  Last but not least, you must find a child who is now take care by a legal orphant center in Vietnam. Photo, certificate of birth, heal check dossier of the child must be presented for your adoption.
We can help you to advise necessary steps to complete adoption process in Vietnam. We are not allowed to act on your behalf working with Vietnam Department of International Adoption ("DIA"). You must present your self in Hanoi to submit the application dossier for adoption.
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