Adjusting gasoline and oil prices

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On June 27, 2024, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Official Dispatch No. 4477/BCT-TTTN on operating petroleum business.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade announces the base prices of popular consumer petroleum products on the market, as follows:

  • E5RON92 gasoline increased by 506 VND/liter, kg to 22,014 VND/liter, kg;
  • RON95-III gasoline increased by 544 VND/liter, kg to 23,010 VND/liter, kg;
  • Diesel oil 0.05S increased by 329 VND/liter, kg to 20,689 VND/liter, kg;
  • Kerosene increased by 258 VND/liter, kg to 20,614 VND/liter, kg;
  • 180CST 3.5S fuel oil increased by 223 VND/liter, kg to 17,446 VND/liter, kg.

Adjustment of selling prices of petroleum products:

Set by the main petroleum traders and petroleum distributors but not earlier than 3:00 p.m. on June 27, 2024.


This Official Dispatch takes effect from June 27, 2024.


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