Fine up to vnd 30 million to act of violating regulations on marriage brokerage

Decree No. 110/2013/ND-CP dated of September 24th, 2013 of the Government on regulating sanction of administrative violation in the field of judicial assistance, judicial administration, marriage and family, civil judgment enforcement, enterprise and cooperative bankruptcy. Accordingly, some remarkable regulations on the sanction level are applied to violations of birth registration, marriage registration, marriage brokerage, ethnics […]

What is the difference between arbitration and conciliation?

For arbitration, the parties shall select arbitrators. The selected arbitrators then shall resolve the dispute and render an arbitration award which is final and binding. For conciliation, a third party shall play the role of a conciliator helping the parties to resolve dispute through negotiation. The conciliator is not allowed to directly resolve the dispute and render a decision, […]

Could foreign Investor set up a travel company in Vietnam?

(S&B Law) Vietnam is a potential travel market for foreign investor. However, the question is that they can set up it in Vietnam and have any limitation. The lawyer of S&B Law advised this matter as follows: Regarding to foreign investor’s demand on setting up a travel and tour company in Vietnam, it is advised that under […]

Lecture: ‘Introduction to the Law in Việt Nam’ at Friends of Vietnam Heritage

Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Hà and Mr. Trần Trung Kiên, S&B Law Tuesday, 10 January, 7:00 PM – 08:30 PM (English) The practice of law in Vietnam is a young and rapidly growing profession, with the current number of some 5000 registered lawyers expected to grow to 20,000 by 2020 (Justice Partnership Program; Embassy of Denmark, Hà […]

Maintenance of validity of patents

Maintenance of validity of patents

To have the validity of his/her invention protection title maintained,a protection title holder shall pay a validity maintenance fee within six months before the expiration of the validity term. The payment of the validity maintenance fee may be delayed for no more than six months after the expiration of the current validity term but the protection title holder […]

Can foreign people purchase and own the apartment in Vietnam?

(SB Law) According to Vietnamese Law, these following individuals are allowed to purchase and own apartment in Vietnam: 1. Foreign individuals who make direct investment in Vietnam under the investment in Vietnam under the enterprises law, including domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises; 2. Foreign individuals who have made contributions to Vietnam and are conferred orders […]

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha lectures at Judicial Academy

(SB Law). Accepting the invitation of the Director Board of Judicial Academy, lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, Chairman and Managing partner of SB Law participated in teaching for young lawyers. Thanks to his experience and knowledge in the areas of consultancy related to investment, intellectual property, trade, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha conveyed the practice skills concerning […]

Doing business in Vietnam

Under Vietnam Law on Investment, in case a foreign investor wishes to setup a foreign invested company (FIC), it requires an Investment Certificate from the licensing authority. Depending on the location of the FIC, the licensing authority may be the provincial People’s Committee (for companies located outside industrial or export processing zones) or the provincial […]