Guidance for registering industrial design in Vietnam

A foreign company and/or foreign individual can patent their design in Vietnam. In addition, if their design patent has new technical feature and they would like to protect such technical features, they can apply for protection under patent for invention. The legal document for registering industrial design in Vietnam Required documents 1.      Description; 2.      Seven (06) sets […]


1. Definition An industrial design means a specific appearance of a  product embodied by three-dimensional configurations,lines,colors,or a combination of these elements 2. General conditions for industrial designs eligible for protection  An industrial design shall be protected when it satisfies the following conditions:. Ø        Being new: An industrial design shall be considered new if it significantly differs from other […]

Required documents of Industrial Design Applications

The design application shall consist of the following documents: A request made in prescribed form (as prescribed in the Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN); Documents, samples, information identifying the design as provided for in Articles 103 of the IP Law 2005 of Viet Nam (e.g. a set of photos, a set of drawings and a description of the […]

Amendment/supplementation/division/conversion/transfer of applications

1. Amendment and supplementation of applications a/ Before the NOIP issues a notice on its rejection of an application, a notice on its refusal to grant a protection title or a decision on the grant of a protection title, the applicant may amend or supplement documents of the application on his/her own initiative or upon […]


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