100% FDI Company setup in Hanoi

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Question: I would like to setup 100% FDI software company in Hanoi along with datacenter.

Please provide details for :

Minimum Capital required for above setup.
Setup time period

Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to following issue:

- There is no minimum investment capital required for IT Company setup in Vietnam. Upon establishment of IT Company, you shall be required to prove that your proposed capital shall be enough to secure normal operation of the Company in middle and long terms, i.e. it must cover expense for office lease, input material, stationery, equipment, salary and insurance paid for employees, marketing and management fee, so on, for at least 01 year.
- Timing for setting up an IT Company in Vietnam shall be 25 working days from submission of required documents to the licensing authority.
- Our charges for setting up an IT Company in Hanoi shall be 4,000USD. The fee is exclusive of VAT (10%) and actual cost for translating your documents issued by foreign authorities from English into Vietnamese (10USD/150 words).
- If you add import/export and distribution as additional business, you shall be subject to additional licensing procedure for obtaining business license after setting up the company.

Please note that import/export and distribution are classified to conditional investment sectors.

We shall need you to provide us detailed information about your proposed goods items, location of the company and process from import to delivery of goods to the end customers.
Then, we shall advise you in detail the whole licensing process, requirements and our charges.


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