Warrant construction works at least 12 months

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This is also the requirement of the Government for construction contractors and suppliers of material used in construction works under the Decree No.

15/2013/ND-CP dated February 06, 2013 on the quality management of construction works.

Accordingly, construction contractors and equipment suppliers are responsible for carrying out warranty for construction works and equipment. The warranty duration will be counted from the date that Investors sign the acceptance minutes to put construction works and items into use or based on the conditions specified in the construction contracts but not less than 24 months for works of special grade and grade I and not less than 12 months for works of other grades. For dwelling house, warranty is still implemented based on Article No. 74 of the Law on housing; Specifically, at least sixty months for condominiums of nine or more storey and houses of other types which are constructed with the state budget investment; At least thirty six months for condominiums of between four and eight storey; at least twenty four months for other types of houses. Besides, the Decree also guided in detail on classification and grading of incidents, reports of incidents. Specifically, based on the damage to human and property, incidents are graded into 4 levels, including: particularly serious level, level I, level II and level III. Immediately after incidents’ occurrence, Investors must briefly report to communal level
People’s Committees and Investors’ senior agencies by the quickest way and Within 24 hours after the incidents occurred, Investors prepare and submit reports on incidents in writing to District-level and Provincial People’s Committees where facilities’ incidents occurred. At the same time, the dismantling and clearance of incident scenes must be conducted with the agreement of competent agencies under regulation and must satisfy the following requirements.

When the works is detected to have uninsured quality with the risk of collapse or to have unsafe construction method, State authorities on construction are entitled to temporarily stop the construction and then allow the construction to be continued only when Investors and contractors make good their shortcomings and assure the safety.This Decree takes effect on April 15, 2013, and replaces the Government’s Decree No. 209/2004/ND-CP dated December 16, 2004 and the Decree No. 49/2008/ND-CP dated April 18, 2008


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