Foreign Contractor withholding and other legal advice for Foreign Investors Jul10

Foreign Contractor withholding and other legal advice for Foreign Investors

Question: I'm looking for some legal advice and possible legal retention on ongoing business I as a business consultant for an education firm in HCM City.
I've recently r...

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Foreign investors eye city’s metro lines

The metro projects 3a, 3b, 4 and 6 in HCM City have caught the attention of many foreign investors, according to the HCM City Management Authority for Urban Railways. T...

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Please help to distinguish the application of law on foreign direct and indirect investment in Viet Nam with respect to foreign investors?

  1. First, it is necessary to identify "foreign investors", "direct investment" and "indirect investments" in Viet Nam in accordance with 2005 Investment Law as fol...

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Please tell about the provisions on the establishment of economic organizations only for application to foreign investors?

Foreign investors can establish an enterprise in the form stipulated in the Enterprise Law, there are only specific regulations applicable to the establishment of enter...

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Please name the regulations on investment procedures, items included in the investment project dossiers and sites for carrying out investment and business registration procedures only for application foreign investors?

1. Regarding investment procedures:

Domestic investment project of less than VND 15 billion and not falling under fields in which i...

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Is foreign investors’ investment to acquire hotels and restaurants to do business considered a business in real estate?

According to clause 1, Article 4, Law on trading in real estate, the business in real estate shall include business in real estate services and business in real estate ...

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According to which document can foreign investors sep up distribution enterprises? Please provide guideline son the conditions for investing in this field?

Foreign investors from countries and territories  participating in international treaties to which Vietnam is a member wishing to set up enterprises in the field distribution in Vietnam must base on ...

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Where there are different restrictions in multi and bi-lateral commitments on foreign investors in the same sector, then which one shall apply when an investor makes investment?

Vietnam's commitments under the Bilateral Agreement on Investment Incentives and Protection, BTA, Agreement on Investment Freedom, Incentives and Protection between Vie...

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