Setup a company in Vietnam and import Vitamin from USA

Question: We are foreign company and want sto setup a company in VN and import Vitamin from US and other countries and sell them in VN market. Please let us know the below, 1.     Is this feasible for them? 2.     If so, what is the condition? 3.     The schedule and service fee Thanks for your supports as always. Answer: […]

Company in Vietnam

SB Law would like to give some information about the company in Vietnam for investor’s consideration as follows: - Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Company Limited is a form of Company which has from 01 to 50 members/shareholders. Any shareholder in Company Limited who wish to transfer its share to other parties not being member […]

Q&A about formation of foreign company in Vietnam

1. Procedures for establishment of a legal entity. Under Vietnam Law, foreign investors can run its foreign investment project for profit making purpose by (i)                Setting up a Foreign Invested Company under the form of Wholly Foreign Invested Company; (ii)             Co-operating with a local Partner in order to setup a Joint Venture Company or to enter […]

Opening a company in Vietnam to export textiles products

In case you would like to open a foreign invested company (hereinafter referred to as the “NewCo”) in Vietnam to export textiles products. We, therefore, are grateful to present you our legal comments for your review and consideration. 1.         BRIEF SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND Under Vietnam Law, the establishment of the NewCorequires an Investment Certificate from […]