SB Law’s experience in the field of corporate matters in Vietnam

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SB LAW has been recognized as one of the leading and highly recommended business law firms in Vietnam.

Today, our two law offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are staffed by a strong team of about 40 lawyers and legal professionals under the leadership of six partners, who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Vietnam’s political culture and the legal development.
In the corporate matters in Vietnam, we have acted for following clients in the corporate matters in Vietnam:
(i) Acting for Co., Ltd – Japanese Investor- to setup a subsidiary company in Vietnam;
(ii) Acting for IBM Vietnam – 100% Foreign Owned Company – to proceed with its business expand plan in Vietnam;
(iii) Acting for Esco Global – Singaporean Investor – to setup a subsidiary company in Vietnam;
(iv) Acting for Inovar Bhd Sdn – Malaysian Investor – to setup a joint venture company with a local partner in Vietnam.
(v) Acting for Metiseko Co., Ltd – Hongkong Investor – to setup a manufacturer in Vietnam;
(vi) Acting for a Kyrgyzstan Investor to setup an alchol manufacturer in Vietnam;

Our scope of work is as follows:

  • Notifying application documents required in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • Drafting application documents required for submission purpose;
  • Liaising with Client to discuss the draft application documents;
  • Amending the application documents based on Client’s comments;
  • Obtaining preliminary comments from the licensing authority on the draft application documents;
  • Finalizing the application documents following comments from the licensing authority; and
  • Translating the final version of the application documents into Vietnamese for execution.
  • To advise all legal aspect relating to the proposed transaction in line Vietnam Law;
  • Submitting the application dossier to the licensing authority on Client’s behalf;
  • Monitoring and following up with the relevant authorities on the approval process;
  • Keeping Client updated on the developments and additional requirements, if any; and
  • Assisting Client in obtaining the Certificate Of Investment
  • Obtaining the seal of the NewCo ; and
  • Placing an announcement on the establishment of the NewCo in the newspaper


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