SB Law’s experience in the field of contract law in Vietnam

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SB LAW is a perfect choice for large and medium-sized businesses, local and international corporations and organizations.

SB LAW is a full-serviced law firm, dedicating to many clients who have been working with us for many years.

In the relation to Contract Negotiation, Preparation and Review, SB Law has acted for following Clients:

(i) Acting for Viettel Real Estate to design transaction structure, prepare contract and review all documents for acquiring DAEWOON-HANCIC Project;
(ii) Acting for Yen Tho Machenical JSC to negotiate contract for acquiring a foreign invested company operating in the field of agricultural products manufacturer;
(iii) Acting for VTC Online to review contract and negotiate for obtaining license for distribution of musical products in the territory of Vietnam;
(iv) Acting for Lam Pham Construction Company to negotiate for exclusive distribution contract for promotion, sale and marketing construction materials in Vietnam with a Filand Company;
(v) Acting for MB Bank to negotiate and enter into contract for producing advertisement clips with Thailand’s Company;
(vi) Acting for IBM Vietnam to review contract for setting up Core Banking System and E-Banking System for Commercial Banks in Vietnam;
(vii) Acting for Danco JSC to review and revise Loan Contract with a Fund in Hongkong;
(viii) Acting for MB Bank to prepare standard form of set of contract applied in Cambodia;
(ix) Acting for ICBC to review contract for financing an infrastructure project in the Centrer of Vietnam;

Our scope of work is as follows:

To advise all legal aspect relating to the proposed transaction in line Vietnam Law;
To prepare the Contract Sets in order to best protect right and interest of Client under Vietnam Law;
To update and finalize the Contract Sets based on Client’s comments.


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