SB Law successfully registered trademark for PeaceSoft

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Being established on April 16th 2001, spending over 10 years of development, PeaceSoft has become the leading company in E-Commerce and Online Payments fields.

The corporation always desire to be the leading company in E-Commerce and Online Payments fields in the form B2C and C2C in Vietnam and help Vietnam connect to the world through E-Commerce, contributing to increase the value for the buyer, the seller and the manufacturer, significantly contributing value in the development of economic and help Vietnam integrate with the international economic.

In addition to focus on business development, PeaceSoft didn’t forget to concern about branding for them. With trust of PeaceSoft, SB Law as a reputable and professional Intellectual Property Agent, on behalf of PeaceSoft, has carried out registration procedures of the trademark “ChợĐiệnTử.VN Chợ Điện Tử CDT” at the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP).

On 28 February 2013, NOIP issued the Notification of granting Trademark Registration Certificate for above trademark.


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