SB LAW reinforced to expand the international cooperation in legal advice

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Nowadays, Vietnam becomes the country that exports so many goods and services abroad. Therefore, in deals with foreign partners, the demand of knowledge about legal advice is so important.

With a goal of law firm specialized in business advice internationally, lawyers of SB Law continuously search and develop the cooperative relationship with legal partners all over the world in order to provide the best legal services to Vietnamese corporate when signing and implementing foreign deals. When being advised legally, Vietnamese corporate will be ensured the safety in legal and restrict the risk.

In Asian Patent Attorneys Association APPA 2013 that was held in Hanoi from May 18th to October 22nd, 2013, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, President of SB Law, had so many conversations with foreign lawyers, discussed opportunities for cooperation and looked forward to the law firm in Asian that will become a strategic partner of SB Law and cooperate to protect the best rights and interests to the customers.


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