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SB Law registered successfully industrial design “Trolley-Pallet Cage” for Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited

Nội dung bài viết

Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited is a company with 100% foreign capital of Sweden, producing and trading domestic products made of iron, steel and wood, exported to European countries and U.S.

With its own professional distinct, Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited creates useful, convenient design “Trolley-Pallet Cage”. “Trolley-Pallet Cage” of our company with many shelves, rails, pallets are arranged flexibly helping to keep stuffs safely, neatly, take little space. Apart from creating new products, Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited also cares much about protecting its intellectual property.

SB Law is a distinguished, professional law firm and intellectual property representative, SB Law is honored to provide legal services to Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited to carry out procedures in establishing intellectual property right for industrial design in Vietnam. After the process, the design “Trolley – Pallet Cage” of Tellbe Vietnam Company Limited meets all the criteria and is granted a patent by National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) in Vietnam.


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