SB Law provides legal retainer for Taixin Printing Vina.

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Taixin Printing Vina Company Limited is 100% Korean-invested Company. The Company has 3 branches in China and the new one in Bac Ninh province – Vietnam in the major business of the Company - product manufacturing and printing - such as warranty card, phone manual book, box cover, phone tray, stamp and label… to provide for Nokia, Samsung, LG...

In the business in Viet Nam, the Company employed thousands of Employees to meet the demand of manufacturing expansion.

The Company acknowledges that complying with Vietnamese regulation in general and labor law in particular is the key factor to ensure the smooth operation of the business of the Company in Vietnam, reduce the legal issues and fulfill the benefit of the Employees. Therefore, the Company seeks for a qualified legal partner in labor to support.

SB Law is the business consulting company, with high experience in labor issues for domestic and foreign Enterprises. SB Law officially became the legal partner of Taxin Printing Vina in retainer in labor and employment.

We hope that this cooperation will bring the best protection for the benefit of Employees and Employer in Taixin Printing Vina in Vietnam.


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