SB Law provides HTC with legal consultancy

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HTC is one of the best technology companies in the world which provides modern information technology products including smartphones, tablets and other well-known products.

As Vietnam is a potential market with young population that is familiar with and interested in technology, HTC always attaches special importance to the Vietnam market by regularly introducing the latest products to customers.

Besides, HTC is also very concerned about the provisions of the law of Vietnam related to the fields of information technology and communications. Thus, HTC would like to obtain expert advice on the law and practice of Vietnam from a professional and reputable law firm in order to ensure the legality of corporation’s operations and promote the information technology sector of Vietnam.

As a professional law firm, SB Law was chosen to provide HTC with legal services on issues related to the law on information technology, competition law and terms of use of HTC products.

The consultancy of SB Law’s lawyers, which is usually highly appreciated by the internal lawyers of HTC, helps to ensure that HTC operations always comply with the law.


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