Restraining the extension of credit institution network in 2013

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This is regulation under the Directive No. 01/CT-NHNN of the State Bank of Vietnam dated January 31, 2013 on organization to implement the monetary policy and assuranace of safe and effective banking operation in 2013.

Of which, the notable content is requirement on strengthening examination, inspection, supervision of monetary market and banking activities.

Specifically, strengthen examination, inspection with respect to credit institutions, concentrating in the contents: Financial and ownership situation; transfer of shares; contributed capital, foreign currency and gold business; capital mobilization, inspection and supervision of risks of subjects of banking inspection and supervision in order to earlier detect, warn risk of each credit institution and whole system; strictly manage establishment of new credit institutions and extension of credit institution network; to restrain extension of credit institution network in urban areas; Besides, the State Bank also requested that credit organizations must implement solutions to expand credit effectively in order to support the economic growth at a reasonable level, contributing on controlling inflation, removing difficulties for production business, the market support such as: prioritize to concentrate capital in order to support loans in agriculture, production of exports, support industry; To consider to keep a rational quantity of capital on loans for subjects purchasing social house, enterprises changing the use of investment project to project on social house with a reasonable interest rate; At the same time, reduce maximally cost for management, advertisement, promotion and operation cost in order to have condition to reduce loaning interest rates aiming to share difficulties with borrowers. This Directive takes effect as from the day of signing.


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