More incentives to PPP Investments

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Investments under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model will be extended to many areas with more participation of the State.

This is the content of the amendment draft of the Decision No.71/2010/QD-TTG on the regulation of pilot PPP investment, being carried by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Previously, under the Decision No.71/2010/QD-TTG, PPP investments were only for 7 pilot areas, focusing on traffic infrastructure and the State participation does not exceed 30 percent of the total projects’ capital. Under the new draft, PPP investments will be expanded to 13 areas, including new areas such as culture, sports, agriculture, office construction for State agencies markets, cemeteries… and the State’s capital contribution will be decided by the prime minister or the chair of the municipal People Committee to projects using State budget or local budget, respectively. The amendment draft gives a new regulation to guarantee investors in case of dispute. For any dispute, firstly will be solved through negotiation or mediation or parties may come to the Vietnamese course. Legal capital and assets of investors will not be nationalised or confiscated by administrative measures. In case of need for compulsory acquisition or requisition of property investors, state guarantee for payment or compensation for assets and capital of investors in accordance with the Investment Law or under the conditions agreed upon in the contract projects.

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