In Nikko Hotel, Hanoi, lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha and Representatives of SB Law had a meeting with Mr. Kiyoshi Mizuno, the Chairman of Mizuno & Kitamuralawyer office, Japan.

Mizuno & Kitamura is a long time partner of SB Law in Japan market.

At the meeting, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha and Lawyer Kiyoshi Mizuno discussed about the Intellectual Property protection status in Vietnam and Japan.

Two lawyers also reviewed the cooperation process between two offices and proposed measures to promote quality services and help customers to find the professional lawyers.

LawyerKiyoshi Mizuno thanked to SB Law leadership and looked forward to continuing the cooperation and providing the best value to the customers.

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha also thanked to lawyers of Mizuno & Kitamura because of welcome when he had a meeting in Tokyo in July 2013.

Lawyer Ha also wished Mr.Mizuno a successful meeting in Vietnam.



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