CIRCULAR NO.10/2012/TT-BXD regarding the issuance of construction license.

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On December 12th 2012, the Ministry of Construction issued the Circular No.10/2012/TT-BXD guiding the Decree No. 64/2012/NĐ-CP regarding the issuance of construction license.

This Circular provides guidance to the above mentioned Decree and consequently is applicable to all domestic or foreign organizations and individual investors and is related to the issuance of the construction licenses and the supervision of construction under the licenses within the territory of Vietnam.

The Circular prescribes following five types of licenses for all kinds of construction business:

a.     License for buildings

b.     License for living houses (in both urban and suburban areas)

c.      License for repairing and reclaiming and improving building projects, living houses and buildings

d.     License for removing buildings

e.      Temporary license for buildings and living houses.

The prescribed formats of all the forms of these licenses are attached with the Circular in the appendix for ready reference.

The Circular further prescribes the requirements of applying for the license of construction and also provides the details of the necessary documents for each type of the above licenses. It also provides details about the procedures of license and informs about the authorities who can grant and amend or renew the existing licenses.

This Circular shall be effective from 6th February 2013 and shall be consistent with all the laws governing the construction in Vietnam viz. Construction Law and other issued guiding documents thereof by the Government.


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