Setting up a 2nd retailed sale outlet of a FDI in Vietnam

Question: This is reference to our conservation  from which we were requested to provide legal advice on setting up a 2nd retailed sale outlet of a foreign invested company in Hanoi. Therefore, we are grateful to present you our Legal Services Proposal for your review and consideration. 1.PRELIMINARY COMMENTS Under Vietnam Law, for setting up the […]

Vietnam Withholding tax prices

Question: We are IT company in USA and provide software in Vietnam. Could you please define for us the VAT prices which we need to calculate for a customers tender response. As this tender is related to IT services for a Card Management System to a Vietnam bank and will consist of the following items: […]

Open an account banking in Vietnam

Question: I am investor and would like to open an account in Vietnam to invest please could you let me know if you can help with. Also please may I get a few line instructions on how investors can create an account with which banks and how much can they deposit before the investment and after […]


Question: I represent an E-commerce company. We are engaged in retails of Cosmetics and Supplement products all around the world.  We are planning to open a company in Vietnam for our business and therefore I would like to know if your company can help us with it. Also we will need to open a bank account. […]

US event contract enquiry

Question: We are urgently looking for a lawyer who can help review a partnership contract with a US company for a US event.  It’s a 6 page contract for a 1 day event in New York. it is US law contract with a US company. I am happy to hear your flat fee for this. Answer: […]