Enquiry import our product to Vietnam

Question: Our company from Hongkong. we plan to export our household and cosmetic product to Vietnam. Your company service fee for USD 600/01 product is including all testing fee and submit all documentation or the service fee is only included register the product in Vietnam Answer: This is reference to your .conservation I am Lawyer […]

Requirement of work permit in Vietnam

Question: I like to work in vietnam, please help me to get work permit in vietnam Answer: We noted that you would like to seek for legal advice regarding to obtaining work permit in Vietnam. I am Lawyer of SB Law and I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the matter below. Before moving […]

Establishment of a Joint Venture Company in the field of logistic

Question: We are Hongkong company and would like to establish a Joint Venture Company with business principal activities of (i) Warehousing cum Storage, (ii) Freight transport agency, (iii) Customs clearance agency, and (iv) Container handling services We would like to request you to assist on negotiation and preparation of a Joint Venture Contract between Vietnam […]

Quotation to Draft Contract

Question: I am Japanese, intending to start a Restaurant business in Vietnam with 2 of my Vietnamese friends. I would like to draft a contract for us, should there be any disputes in the future. I would like to know an estimation on your fees to draft a contract. Answer: This is reference to your […]

Doing business in Vietnam

Question: I want to have a factory there and want to export goods to all over the world Answer: This is reference to your conversation. I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the matter below. Firstly, please help answer following questions so that we can have […]

Resignation benefit

Question: Sir, I am a foreigner and have worked in Vietnam for the same company since 2005. I now intend to return to home country and have submitted my resignation letter to the company with a 45 days notice following company policy. I would like to inquire about the kind of benefits that i should […]

Opening a tattoo shop in Vietnam

Question: I am interested in opening a tattoo shop in Vietnam. Can you tell me how much it would cost to get all the paper work done and set up legally? Thanks! Answer: This is reference to your conservation. Under current Vietnam Law, there is no specific rules on opening and operating tattoo shop. Also, in Vietnam-WTO […]