Foreigner purchase Property in Vietnam

Question: My family live in Australia & Singapore would like purchase the apartment in Vietnam. They don’t have Vietnamese residence card. Can they buy the property in Vietnam with tourist visa? I read article, some said can, but some said has to have residence card in order to buy property. Please advice. Answer: I am […]

Vietnam company formation

Vietnam company formation-sblaw

Question: We are a multi-national and multi-functional market entity with over 28 years history, and we are committed to basing on the Grand China, serving the world of business. Now many of our clients are going to set up companies in Vietnam, therefore we would like to establish long-term cooperation with you and introduce clients […]

Inquiry-labor law issue consulting in Vietnam

Question: We want to consult Vietnam social insurance issue or labor related issue. Do you provide the service and how does it charge? Thank you. Answer: We noted that you would like to consult Vietnam social insurance and labor related issue. We hereby confirm that we can support you on such matter. We can offer […]

Start a company/business in Vietnam

Question: I need to know the process and the cost associated to start a company/business in Vietnam. I come from USA. The nature of the company is a Digital Marketing company. Answer: First of all, I would like to give you thank for the concern of SB law’s legal service. According to your email, I […]

Registration of circulation for imported functional foods in Vietnam

Question: We are a company from Japan and are looking for services  who can do the registration for getting the circular permit in Vietnam Our food supplement product imported from USA come to Vietnam directly Please advise, whether your firm can do registration on behalf of our company? Answer: This is reference to your email […]

Incorporation of Vietnamese Company

Question: We are company from Singapore and would like to engage a professional firm for incorporating a new company in Vietnam. Please advise the followings: (1)   the procedures of the company formation; (2)   estimated time required for the company formation; and (3)   whether it is necessary for us to visit Vietnam in order to complete the procedures. Kindly […]

Create 5 companies in Vietnam

Question: We are international renewable energy development company. We are starting our activities in Vietnam, we want to create 5 comapanies, all shares would be owned by USA company. What would be needed to do it? and price? Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to […]

Company formation Query in Vietnam

Question: My business associate and I are exploring the possibility of creating a company with a Vietnamese partner. I would like to find out the requirements to do so including costs and benefits, whether there is a minimum investment required and are we as foreigners entitled to resident cards if we do form a company? […]