Trung Thành Foods registered the trademark in Korea

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SB Law, leading IP law firm,advised the trademark protection in Korea to Trung Thanh Foods.

In their business strategy in foreign markets, beside the construction of the distribution system in the host country and other business issues, one of the problems that enterprises interest in is to handle the establishment of the Intellectual Property rights of trademark in the host country to avoid losing trademark.

In this strategy, TrungThanhFoods refered the consultative opinion of lawyers of the S&B Law in order to handle to register the trademark in export markets.

Lawyers of the SBLaw worked actively with the legal department of Trung Thanh Foods, advised, and had an entire solution to register their trademark successfully in Korea.

This is the right direction and also experience of the trademark protection internationally of the Vietnamese enterprises.

The lmited liability company TrungThanh (Trung Thanh Foods), a member of TrungThanh Corporation, is the enterprise operating in the field of processing and doing business the spicy food, agricultural and fishery products. Established on 1st August 1995, after nearly 20 years of establishment and development, nowadays, Trung Thành Foods developed two branches in Hanoi City and Ho Chi Minh City; and the factory is located in Dong Van Industrial Zone – Ha Nam Provincial.

Trung Thanh currently became the famous trademark in Vietnam with the system of 130 diverse kinds of products divided into 5 major: fish sauce, vinegar, pepper, soy sauce  and jarred vegetables. Products of Trung Thanh always set the quality standard highest and ensure to clean food safety in order to meet thoroughly the motto of companyGood for all.



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