The owners of houses or having less than 3 floors may create the design himself/herself

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Takes effect on January 01, 2016, the Circular No. 05/2015/TT-BXD dated October 30, 2015 of the Ministry of Construction providing for the management of construction quality and maintenance of detached houses.

Regarding houses with total construction floor area smaller than 250 m2 or having less than 3 floors or having height of under 12 m, the owner may organize the construction himself/herself and shall take responsibilities for construction safety and the impacts of such construction on adjacent and neighboring works.
Regarding houses with less than 7 floors, except for cases specified in Point a of this Clause, the construction shall be carried out by an organization/individual having experience in construction of similar works. During the construction, any irregular signs must be discussed with the individual/organization in charge of making the construction design for prompt solution. Regarding houses with 7 floors or more, the construction must be carried out by an eligible organization according to regulations. The owner shall prepare document on completion of construction according to regulations in the Appendix enclosed with this Circular and shall notify competent State management agencies for inspection before using the work.

The owner or people who manage or use houses must have their houses maintained according to regulations; periodically conduct inspection of main bearing components (roof, column, girder, floor, bearing wall), electromechanical system, water supply and drainage system and elevator safety ; measures must be taken to solve and eliminate problems that may affect housing safety. When a house denotes being dangerous or unsafe, its owner or manager/user should immediately report to local government for quality assessment; and take urgent measures like limit or stop using the house or evacuate people and properties in case the house is likely to collapse.

This Circular replaces the Circular No. 10/2014/TT-BXD dated July 11, 2014.



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