The maximum time for assessment of technical proposals is 20 days

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The Ministry of Planning and Investment has just issued the Circular No. 19/2015/TT-BKHDT detailing the regulations on establishment of assessment report during the process of contractor selection and replaced the Circular No. 21/2010/TT-BKH dated October 28, 2010.

Accordingly, maximum time of assessment is 20 days since the assessing organization receives submissions. For selection of contractors, in case Two-stage and One-envelop procedure is applied, time of assessment is calculated as total time for assessment of technical proposals and selection of contractors combined.
Members of the assessment team should have certificates of training in bidding, bidding practice certificate; have professional competence in bidding; have at least three years of experience in the areas assigned; for bid packages to be implemented in remote areas or severely disadvantaged areas, only one year of experience is required; have adequate English level for international bid packages and have a written commitment. Especially, persons who are mothers, fathers, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, children, adopted children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, brothers and sisters of the individuals involved in the establishment of EOI requests, prequalification document, invitation for bid, request for proposals shall not be allowed to be involved in the assessment of such documents…
This Circular takes effect on January 15, 2016.



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