Selected recent SB Law Credential in the field of copyright

SB Law assisted Client in handling a copyright infringement case for Client. A Vietnamese website owner copied art work of our client and replaced our client’s name with their name in their website. SB Law assisted Client to conduct an investigation on copyright infringement, analysis of success possibility and preparing warning letter. The Website Owner […]

One-million-thousand-Vietnam Dong Song: Copyright or Exclusivity?

One-million-thousand-Vietnam Dong Song: Copyright or Exclusivity? Going with the booming of Internet, people have one more choice to enjoy music. That is the online music website. However, copyright fee for online music is growing as a controversial issue between copyright collective organization and copyright owner. The big question for the competent authority is how to impose the fee in accordance […]

Copyright in Vietnam

copyright in vietnam

SBLAW WOULD LIKE TO PROVIDE YOU OUR GUIDELINE OF COPYRIGHT PROTECTION IN VIETNAM AS FOLLOWS: Registering copyright of software -    Time Frame: 03 working days -    Required documents: + Two (02) description of software (SB LAW's instruction). + Two (02) of disks of software+ Power of Attorney (Form of SB LAW) + Document verifying […]