Business in Vietnam

Kindly note that,in most other countries, a company in Vietnam is only permitted to conduct business activities that are narrowly defined and mostly codified into a published list of business activities called “business lines.” Generally, with respect to Foreign Invested Company, the permitted business lines must be closely tied to what is considered necessary for […]

Start a business in Vietnam for foreign investor

If you are now considering possibility of setting up a wholly foreign invested company in Vietnam, it is advised that, establishment of a foreign invested company in Vietnam shall require an Investment Certificate which is equivalent to a certificate of incorporation or business registration certificate from the licensing authority. Depending on the location of the […]

Finding the best legal forms to do business in Vietnam

Finding the best legal forms to do business in Vietnam

In case the foreign investor would like to do business in Vietnam, we strongly recommend you two options below for your consideratio: 1. Establishment of a Representative Office: Under Decree No.72/2006/ND-CP dated July 25th, 2006 of Vietnam Government detailing Trade Law’s Regulations on Representative offices, branches of foreign company in Vietnam, foreign company possibly establish […]