Amendment of owner and legal representative for foreign invested company in Vietnam

In case a Foreign Invested Company (“FIC”) would like to change of its owner and Legal Representative (“FIC”) with Vietnam Competent Authorities, We, therefore, are grateful to present our legal service proposal for client’s review and consideration. Under Vietnam Law, a FIC is entitled to amend the Investment Certificate to reflect change of its Owner/Shareholder […]

Amendment of Investment Certificate of Foreign Company in Vietnam.

In order to do business in Vietnam, the foreign investor has to obtain the Investment Certificate to set up a company in Vietnam. The content of Investment Certificate consists the following points: The name of investor. The name of company. The name and location of project. The investment capital. The other content. However, if the […]

Amendment/supplementation/division/conversion/transfer of applications

1. Amendment and supplementation of applications  a/ Before the NOIP issues a notice on its rejection of an application, a notice on its refusal to grant a protection title or a decision on the grant of a protection title, the applicant may amend or supplement documents of the application on his/her own initiative or upon […]