Supplementing the State investment capital for state-owned commercial banks

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On October 9th, 2020, the Government has just issued Decree 121/2020/ND-CP amendment to clause 2 Article 12 of Decree No. 91/2015/ND-CP dated October 13, 2015 of the government on state capital investment in enterprises and management, use of capital and property in enterprises with amendments thereto under clause 5 Article 1 of Decree No. 32/2018/ND-CP dated March 8th, 2018.

Decree 121/2020/ND-CP officially took effect from October 9th, 2020.

Accordingly, Decree 121/2020/ND-CP expands the scope of supplementary investment of State capital invested in joint stock companies and limited liability companies with two or more members. Specifically, the additional case is the enterprise operating in the banking sector, applicable to joint-stock commercial banks whose over 50% of charter capital is held by the State.

Thus, enterprises are continued to invest capital by the State to maintain the proportion of shares and capital contributed to the State operating in the following sectors:

- Management and operation of airports and airfields; airport operation services;

- Managing and maintaining inland road and waterway systems; maintenance of the national railway infrastructure system;

- Information services for navigation, supervision and air meteorological services;

- Large-scale mineral exploitation according to current regulations on classification of mineral mines;

- To ensure essential needs for product development and improvement of the material and spiritual life of ethnic minorities in extremely difficult socio-economic areas, in mountainous, remote, and isolated areas;

- Planting and processing rubber and coffee in extremely difficult socio-economic regions, strategic areas, mountainous, remote and isolated areas associated with national defense and security;

- The banking sector applies to joint-stock commercial banks over 50% of the charter capital of which is held by the Government.


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