Strategy for stock market development until 2030

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On December 29, 2023, the Prime Minister approved Decision No. 1726/QD-TTg on the Stock Market Development Strategy until 2030. Specifically as follows:

Strategy for stock market development until 2030
Strategy for stock market development until 2030

(1) The specific goal of the Strategy is to complete the division of listed stocks at the Stock Exchange in 2025; simultaneously:

- Stock market capitalization reaches 100% of GDP by 2025 and 120% of GDP by 2030;

- The number of securities trading accounts of investors on the stock market reaches 9 million accounts by 2025 and 11 million accounts by 2030;

- Improve the quality of listed company governance above the average level in Southeast Asia;

- Strive to upgrade Vietnam's stock market from frontier market to emerging market by 2025 according to stock market classification standards of international organizations;

- Actively integrating the financial market; aiming to reach the development level of the group of 4 leading countries in the ASEAN region by 2025.

(2) Solutions to implement the Strategy include:

- Completing the legal framework;

- Strengthen management, supervision, inspection, examination and handling capacity;

- Increase supply of goods to the market and improve supply quality;

- Solutions to develop and diversify the investor base, improve the quality of investment demand;

- Develop and strengthen the capacity of the system of market intermediaries and promote the role of social and professional securities organizations;...


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