SB Law was involved in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Singaporean individual in a dispute over the apartment purchase deposit contract in Vietnam

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SB Law was involved in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Singaporean individual, Mr. H, in a dispute arising from the return of a deposit payment under a contract liquidation agreement between Mr. H and  Company L, a real estate business established and operating in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Particularly, in November 2018, Mr. H and Company L entered into a deposit contract to secure the signing of a purchase and sale agreement for an apartment in a estate project owned by Company G. Performing his obligation to the deposit contract, Mr. H paid the full deposit amount to Company L. However, Company L repeatedly delayed the signing of the apartment purchase and sale agreement. Therefore, Mr. H has requested to terminate the contract, thus, both parties had entered into a contract liquidation agreement, under it, Company L agreed to return the entire deposit amount paid by Mr. H. In contrast with their promise,  Company L subsequently failed to return the deposit payment as agreed, repeatedly extending the deadline for return of the deposit without Mr. H’s consent.

Consequently, on January 16, 2021, Mr. H filed a lawsuit against Company L at People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh city, requesting that Company L be ordered to return the full deposit amount, a sum of money equivalent to the fulll deposit amount, and late payment interest arising from the late payment of the deposit amount.

Upon receiving the customer's request for legal service, SB Law Limited Liability Company assigned Lawyers and Legal Executives to review the dossiers, advise the Client on dispute resolution methods, provide legal advices, analyze and clarify the legal factors that are favorable and unfavorable to the Client, advise claims for the Client and methods to strengthen evidence related to the lawsuit, and involve in all procedural procedures at the court as the Client’s authorized representative and a defender for the Client's legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the provisions of civil procedure law.

Throughout the process of participating in litigation at the court and at meetings, and negotiations with Company L, Lawyers and Legal Executives of SB Law presented their opinions, issued regulations under the contract liquidation agreement, others agreements between Mr. H and Company L, and other relevant legal regulations to  indicate the violations of Company L and binded them to return our Client: the full deposit amount, along with a sum of money equivalent to the fulll deposit amount, and the late payment interest.

After negotiating, both parties reached an agreement, whereby the defendant, Company L agreed to immediately return the full amount of deposit to the plaintiff, Mr. H.

Lawyers from SB Law including Nguyen Tien Hoa, Luong Van Chuong, and Legal Executive Tran Thanh Son were involved in counseling and representing the Client in this dispute.


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