SB Law protects the brand of KOVA Paint Corporation

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Kova Paint is the leading corporation in Vietnam. In the recent years, Kova focused on the research and new products manufacture.

Kova Paint is proud to receive honorable awards, which prove the quality and vision of the top paint in Vietnam:

- The award of high quality for Vietnamese products of the customers in continuous years.

- More than 20 golden medals in the EXPO international exhibition.

- Golden cup for top ten in constructional material.

- Golden cup for ISO 9001:2000 and 9001:2008.

- Good brand of Vietnam and other awards of government.

- The integration and success in international markets such as Singapore, China, Indonesia, Lao, Cambodia.

KOVA is also interested in the protection of intellectual property in Vietnam and other countries. KOVA chose SB Law as the legal partner to protect the intellectual property rights for the pain brand before launching in the market.

With the profession and hard work, SB Law successfully protected the brand KOVA and contribute to the anti-counterfeit behaviors in the market.



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