SB Law advised the violation to trademark Climax

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Con Ong Brand Company Limited, registered address at No. 43/5 No Trang Long, Ward 7, District Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh city, is the legal owner of trademark “CLIMAX” under the Certificate of Trademark registration No: 160599 dated 28/03/2011 by National Office of Intellectual Property for products and services of:

Group 35: Processing the marketing, including online marketing, creative interactive advertising, making plan on online media, and unpaid advertising on media.

Group 41: Film and advertising music production.

Group 42: Processing the website development service including designing and developing website, utilizing and analyzing website, space-lease solution for website, advertising design”

Under the current regulation on Intellectual Property (IP) rights protection, the Company is exclusively entitled to use the trademark “CLIMAX” mentioned-above in Vietnam.

Recently, the brand Con Ong has just realized that some other Companies used their trademark “CLIMAX” for the commercial indications.

As this is the violation of IP rights with trademark “CLIMAX”, Con Ong authorized SB Law to handle the legal documents to prevent this breach.

After receiving the warning letter from SB Law, the breaching party replied with the apology, committed to remove the violating signs, and replaced the commercial indications in violation of trademark “CLIMAX”.

SB Law appraises the goodwill of this Company, and hope that every Company will take into consideration of IP rights when designing the commercial indications and brand identification.


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