Problems with tax policy

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On May 16, 2024, the General Department of Taxation issued Official Dispatch No. 2087/TCT-CS on tax policy problems.

  • About Value Added Tax (VAT)

Based on legal regulations, in principle, the input VAT amount of the amount of raw materials, materials, energy, and goods lost in excess of the limit cannot be declared and deducted.

In case raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, and goods have been issued norms by the State, the input VAT amount on the quantity of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, and goods lost Exceeding the limit is not deductible. For norms of each raw material, material, fuel, energy, and commodity, it is based on relevant legal documents corresponding to each industry and field.

  • About Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Pursuant to legal regulations, in principle, when determining taxable income, the enterprise shall build and manage its own consumption norms for raw materials, materials, fuel, energy and goods, raw materials, materials, fuel, energy, goods used in production and business.

In case some raw materials, materials, fuel, and goods have been issued by the State with consumption norms, they shall comply with the norms issued by the State.


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