On October 15th, 2020, the Government issued Decree No. 122/2020/ND-CP regulating the coordination and continuity of procedures for enterprise establishment registration, branch offices, representative offices, and reporting using employees, issuing social insurance number of units, registering to use corporate invoices. This Decree takes effect on October 15th, 2020. The following are important new issues in Decree 122/2020/ ND-CP.

First, prescribing three principles of coordination and linkage between state management agencies

Article 3 of Decree No. 122/2020/ND-CP outlines 3 principles of coordination and coordination among state management agencies. Accordingly, the business registration agency is the focal point receiving dossiers and returning results of settling enterprise registration procedures, declaring the use of employees, granting the insurance number of units. social registration, use of corporate invoices. Labor state management agencies, social insurance agencies, and tax agencies do not request enterprises to provide copies of the enterprise registration certificate, branch operation registration certificate or representative office. business registration information has been shared with the business registration authority.

Second, the process of coordination and integration

After granting enterprise registration, branches, representative offices or there is a change in business registration contents, branches, representative offices, the business registration agency will share with the agency. social insurance agencies, tax agencies, State management agencies in charge of labor for information on enterprise registration certificates, branch operation registration certificates, representative offices.

The enterprise registration agency shall share information on the enterprise’s name, tax identification number, address and at-law representative the expected total number of employees of the enterprise to the State management agency in charge of labor according to regulations. legal regulations

Enterprise number is used as the number of units participating in social insurance.

When an enterprise pays social insurance premiums, the social insurance agency shall share information on the number of employees paying social insurance premiums with the business registration agency to carry out the State management with the enterprise after a successful registration. create.

Tax authorities share information about business codes, branch codes, and decentralized representative offices directly managed by tax authorities that are automatically created by tax registration information systems for business registrars.

Finally, change the application form for business registration from October 15, 2020

Clause 4, Article 10 provides for the implementation provisions of Decree 122/2020 / ND-CP, which contains regulations on the form of application for registration of a new enterprise. Specifically, this Decree has issued 06 new forms of application for enterprise registration, notification of branch operation registration, representative offices/business locations.


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