Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha attended the launching ceremony of INMERGERS - A pioneering platform to connect international investment

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On July 1, INMERGERS – the innovative platform for international investment developed by INMERGERS Joint Stock Company, was launched.
According to IMAA (International Mergers and Acquisitions Association) statics, there are approximately 5000 annually successful M&A transactions costing 3.800 billion USD in the world before Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the reduction of 52% total cost in 2020, M&A deals are going to increase its cost at the end of 2022 in the world.
Euromonitor International forecasted that after the delay of Covid-19 pandemic, Southeast Asia region has upsurged in M&A deals in 2021, uppassed USA and China - leading nations in the number of M&A transactions in the world, accounted for 38%. India, Philippines, it is predicted that India, Philippines and VietNam would sharly increase by 26%, specially in the field of communication, retail, real estate,...
M&A is becoming a trend in business in spite of many considerable challenges such as finding the partner via adviser, agency or speech, 3-6 months in connecting with the partner, expensive average cost,...
While Viet Nam has yet a digital platform so as to innovate and shorten this process, some platforms have supported M&A in few countries. However, they have yet to develop a support network and due diligence system internationally.

INMERGERS - the innovative platform for international investment allows to automatically connect M&A transactions, property purchase/sale, franchising and rights of distributions, agents.
Outstanding features of INMERGERS take advantage for businesses to use. The filter, developed to base on conditions, auto-matching, help finding between partners, establishing a big database. INMERGERS provide a free due diligence tool based on the Discount Cash Flow method so that buyers, sellers search for useful information in making transaction decisions.
Particularly, information posted on the platform is coded with algorithms with the aim of security. It can be said that INMERGERS is a superior connection, supporting global companies in order to save times, money and be effective in M&A transactions.
Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao - Founder & CEO INMERGERS says" As a professional lawyer in investment and M&A, we recognize demands and difficulties in the M & A market. As a result, my team has made a decision in researching and launching a M&A start-up so that partner searching is more effective, less money, less time. Finally, INMERGERS is established.”
In the field of technology, start-up INMERGERS, prepared by founders and experts over 1 year, INMERGERS is launched officially so as to match Vietnamese business community and foreign investors.
As an investment lawyer and the chairman of SBLaw, Mr Nguyen Thanh Ha is invited the grand opening and pressed the button to launch the platform. He shares potential features and wants the cooperation between SBLaw and INMERGERS in term of developing M&A deals.



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