Legal procedure to adopt a Vietnamese child.

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Under Vietnam Law, in order to adopt a Vietnamese child, the Foreigner must satisfy one of following conditions:

 + Being a citizen of a country having entered into a bilateral or multilateral agreement on international adoption with Vietnam.

Then, she/he shall be entitled to submit the application dossier for international adoption through Non-Profit International Adoption Agents in Vietnam or through the Department of International Adoption under Ministry of Justice in Vietnam; or

 + Having been working or studying in Vietnam for at least 01 year until the time of filing international adoptionapplication.

In case the foreigners are Canadian and have been living in Vietnam for over 1 year and have resident status here, they will have two options:

Option 1: To apply for adopting a child in Vietnam through International Adoption Agency of Canada in Vietnam. The Agency shall be responsible to provide them guidance and contact with Vietnam Government on their behalf.

Please be note that if they follow this option, Vietnam Government shall recommend them children for adoptionand recommended children may not include one who they are interested. They can contact TDH and read more about them through website for this option.

Option 2:To directly apply for adopting a specific child in Vietnam through Department of International Adoption (DIA) in Vietnam. For this option, they must prepare following documents:

a) A written request for adoption;

b) A copy of the passport or a valid substitute paper;

c) A written permission for adopting a person in Vietnam:

d) A completed questionnaire on psychology and family (the office in which they are now working for can assist to issue this document for them).

e) A health certificate;

f) An income and property certificate;

g) A judicial record sheet:

h) A written certification of the marital status;

i) Document proving that they are currently working or living in Vietnam for at least 01 year.

k) Documents including:

  • Certificate of Birth of the child;
  • Health certificate granted by a district-or higher-level health agency;
  • Two photos of the whole body looking straight, taken within the past 6 month;
  • Document on the remarkable characteristics, hobbies and habits of the child.

Please be notedthat, generally, the specific child must be now under the care of Orphan Center which is entitled to introduce children for international adoption only.

Otherwise, their application dossier shall be rejected.

The above documents must be made into 02 sets and directly submitted by them to the Department of International Adoption under the Ministry of Justice.

Then, the Ministry of Justice shall transfer the dossier to the provincial-level Justice Department of the place in which the person introduced for adoption permanently resides for submission to the provincial-level People's Committee for consideration and decision.


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