Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha had a conversation with law firm’s representative of Sol & Associates

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On 3rd, June 2013, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, Managing Partner of SB Law Firm, had a meeting with Mrs. Lori Solberg, Lawyer and Public Notary coming from Sol & Associates Law Firm.

In the meeting, Lawyer Lori Solberg also briefly introduced about Sol & Associates - a law firm located in Tel Aviv, Israel, specializing in business and enterprise law.

It also has a lot of customers, the Israeli Entrepreneurs, who want to invest in Vietnam in the field of Israel’s strength such as pure agriculture, biotechnology...
Lawyer Lori Solberg realized that SB Law, an experienced law firm in the field of investment consulting, wants to consult foreign clients about investing and running business in Vietnam.

Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha, on behalf of SB Law, thanked Lawyer Lori Solberg for choosing SB Law as a strategic partner in the introduction, cooperation, and exploitation of potential customers.

Lawyer Ha also presented the achievements of SB Law in the process of consulting foreign clients.
With the advantage of understanding Vietnamese culture and language, SB Law is also very helpful to the foreign clients, especially English-speaking clients. Thus, Lawyers Ha will positively support Sol & Associates Law Firm in promoting the investment process of Israel in Vietnam, especially in the field of high technology.


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