Invest over vnd 190.000 billion on new countryside building

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On November 12, 2015, the National Assembly passed the Resolution No. 100/2015/QH13 approving the investment policy for national target programs during 2016-2020; including National target program on new countryside building and National target program on sustainable poverty reduction.

Accordingly, the scope of implementation of the National target program on new countryside building is on communes nationwide with the duration of 2016 through 2020. For the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction, the scope of implementation: nationwide, focusing on poor districts; poor districts with a high rate of poor households eligible for infrastructure investment mechanisms and policies; extreme difficulty-hit communes in alluvial and coastal areas and on islands; extreme difficulty-hit communes in ethnic minority and mountainous regions, border communes, communes in former resistance bases and extreme difficulty-hit villages (Program 135). And the duration of implementation: from 2016 through 2020.

National target program on new countryside building: The state budget shall allocate at least VND 193,155.6 billion, of which, the central budget: VND 63,155.6 billion and the local budgets: VND 130 trillion. In the course of administration, the Government shall further balance the central budget in order to provide additional support for the program and rationally raise non-state budget funds for the program implementation.

National target program on new countryside building have the specific objectives that by 2020, around 50% of communes will reach new countryside criteria; and there will be no commune reaching less than 5 new countryside criteria. The national target program on sustainable poverty reduction have the general objectives to implement sustainable poverty reduction and limit relapse into poverty; to contribute to economic growth, ensure social security, raise the poor’s material and spiritual lives and income during 2016-2020 and the specific objectives are to reduce the poverty rate by an average of 1%-1.5% per year nationwide; or by 4% per year according to the national poverty line during 2016-2020, particularly for poor districts and extreme difficulty-hit communes.


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