Individuals may import only 1 automobile and 1 motorcycle within one year

Nội dung bài viết

This is regulated under the Circular No. 143/2015/TT-BTC dated September 11, 2015 of the Ministry of Finance prescribing customs procedures for, and management of, automobiles and motorcycles of subjects permitted to import or temporarily import these automobiles and motorcycles for noncommercial purposes.

Specifically, Vietnamese organization or individual may, within 1 (one) year, import only 1 automobile and 1 motorcycle donated by a foreign organization or individual.

Conditions for motorcycles to be imported or temporarily imported are as follows: Being brand-new ones; Satisfying the national technical regulations on quality, technical safety and environmental protection  for  automobiles  and motorcycles; Being  permitted  for  registration  and  circulation  in  Vietnam (except import and temporary import without registration, or circulation as samples, or for product display, exhibition, research or testing).

Under this Circular, overseas  Vietnamese  who  are  intellectuals,  experts  or  skilled workers  who  return  to  the  country  to  work  for  one  year  or  more  at Vietnamese state agencies’ invitation; Foreign  experts  who  participate  in  the  management  and implementation of ODA programs or projects in Vietnam and organizations or individuals permitted to import or temporarily import  automobiles  and  motorcycles  under  the  treaties  which  Vietnam has signed or acceded to shall carry out the procedures  for  transfer  within  30  (thirty)  days  before  the  expiration  of their  periods  of  working  in  Vietnam  as  certified  by  their managing agencies or before transferring automobiles or motorcycles to transferees.

This Circular takes effect on October 26, 2015.


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