In accordance with the Circular No. 10/2016/TT-BKHDT dated July 22, 2016 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment on guidelines for supervision and inspection of bidding, an individual in charge of supervision must at least direct 3 years’ experience in the following entities: Bidding management authorities; procuring entities; groups of specialists, assessment agencies.

Besides, an individual in charge of supervision  must obtain a certificate of training in bidding in accordance with law on bidding and achieve foreign language level that satisfy requirements for procurements under international bidding, procurements under projects funded by ODA and concessional loans by sponsors.

All of inspectorate members must satisfy requirements and chief inspector must also have at least direct 5 years’ experience in bidding. In the special case where it needs to have specialists’ opinions, the chief inspector shall request the head of the inspecting agency to add those specialists to the inspectorate. The specialist is not required to obtain a certificate of training in bidding.

This Circular takes effect on September 09, 2016, this Circular shall replaces Circular No. 01/2011/TT-BKHDT dated January 4, 2011 on inspection of bidding.



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