Enhancing Thematic Communication on One-time Social Insurance

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On May 22, 2024, Vietnam Social Security issued Official Letter No. 1488/BHXH-TT to enhance thematic communication on one-time social insurance.

Vietnam Social Security requests provincial social security offices to implement the following communication strategies proactively, actively, and persistently:

  • Conduct comprehensive and in-depth communication on the significance and benefits of receiving a monthly pension to ensure a stable life, along with the provision of a free health insurance card during the pension period for healthcare:

+ Participation in social insurance ensures that upon retirement, individuals receive a monthly pension that guarantees their livelihood and a free health insurance card for healthcare. This underscores the humanitarian essence of the policy. The period of social insurance contribution represents the result of one's labor, serving as savings accumulated during their working years to support their life and health in old age.

+ Workers with a pension will have a stable monthly income to ensure their life in old age, allowing them to be more independent and not reliant on their family and society.

+ Pensions are periodically adjusted by the state according to the consumer price index and economic growth rate, ensuring that pensioners' benefits are maintained and not devalued by inflation.

+ Pensioners are provided with a free health insurance card (covering 95% of medical examination and treatment costs) throughout their pension period for health care in case of illness.

+ When a worker passes away, the person responsible for the funeral will receive a funeral allowance (equivalent to 10 months of the base salary at the time of death), and the worker's relatives will receive a one-time death benefit or a monthly death benefit if they meet the conditions specified by the regulations.

  • Communicate the disadvantages of opting for one-time social insurance payouts; emphasize the benefits and values of not withdrawing one-time social insurance and instead preserving the contribution period for future participation when feasible.
  • Report on the results of efforts to persuade workers not to opt for one-time social insurance in various localities, especially highlighting cases where effective communication has led workers to recognize the value and benefits of staying within the system rather than taking a one-time payout; showcase real-life examples and success stories

Consistently and persistently convey to workers that regardless of the direction of social insurance policies and regulations, the core objective is to ensure long-term and sustainable social security benefits for workers.


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