Electricity prices for generation projects used for grid-tied generation projects

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Takes effect from December 07, 2015, the Circular No. 32/2015/TT-BCT dated October 08, 2015 on project development and model electricity sale contract applied to generation projects using solid wastes, emphasizes that the investors may only formulate generation project using solid wastes within the national planning for development of power sources using solid wastes.

If the project is divided into smaller stages and the total power of each stage is different, the investor must formulate the project by each stage. If the time of inauguration of the project is different by more than 06 months according to the schedule in the national planning for development of power sources using solid wastes, the investor must submit a report to the People’s Committee of the province and Energy Administration – the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The buyers has the obligation to buy all electricity energy from grid-tied generation projects using solid wastes at the electricity prices at the delivery points (exclusive of VAT), for generation projects that directly burn solid wastes: 2,114 VND/kWh (10.05 UScents/kWh); for generation projects that burn gases from landfills: 1.532 VND/kWh (7.28 UScents/kWh). Generation projects using solid wastes that apply electricity prices prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article shall not receive subsidies according to other regulations; electricity prices shall be adjusted according to the exchange rate between VND and USD.


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