Clarification on Corporate Income Tax Incentives

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On May 9, 2024, the Bac Giang Provincial Tax Department issued Official Letter 3358/CTBGI-TTHT to clarify tax policy issues.

Based on Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC dated June 18, 2014 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the implementation of Decree No. 218/2013/ND-CP dated December 26, 2013 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of the Corporate Income Tax Law, in the case where the Company is currently enjoying the incentive of exemption from Corporate Income Tax for 02 (two) years and a reduction of 50% of the tax payable in the next 04 (four) years for income from implementing new investment projects in industrial zones not located in favorable socio-economic conditions. During operation, the Company changes the factory area in the adjusted investment certificate, if the change of the above investment certificate does not change the compliance with the tax incentive conditions of that investment project as prescribed, the Company continues to enjoy the Corporate Income Tax incentive according to the ongoing project for the remaining time or incentives under the expanded investment scope if meeting the incentive conditions as prescribed in Clause 6, Article 18 of Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC (amended and supplemented at Clause 4, Article 10 of Circular No. 96/2015/TT-BTC).


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