Advice on Employment Dispute Sep22

Advice on Employment Dispute

Question: I was an expat, employed by a company in Ho Chi Minh City.I recently had to take unpaid leave and return to Singapore, after I spent 2 weeks sick in hospital in Vietnam. It ...

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Setting up a foreign owned distribution company Sep19

Setting up a foreign owned distribution company

Question: HI. I would like to enquire about setting up a foreign owned distribution company in vietnam. What are the costs like and is there a minimum paid up capital amount. My business is in di...

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Vietnam Company registration Sep19

Vietnam Company registration

Question: We would like to register a limited liability company in Vietnam, sole shareholder (foreigner) who would also be a director... company will import and sell pharmaceutical p...

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Company Incorporation (Vietnam) Sep19

Company Incorporation (Vietnam)

Question: We are from a company from Malaysia. Our company specializes on providing turnkey 3D photography and videography solutions to theme parks and attractions. As our company ...

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Apply a job in Vietnam Sep19

Apply a job in Vietnam

Question: I am a hungarian guy who will get married soon in vietnam. Our family is happy, but i worry abit, how i can work here? Do i need a work permit after the marriage? I haven'...

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Tax in Vietnam Sep03

Tax in Vietnam

Question: I would like to know if I would be tax liable in Vietnam if: 1. I work for a oil company in Saudi Arabia 2. I have opened a HSBC bank account in Vietnam and my salary (from Saudi Arabia)...

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