Amendment Regarding Mirrors for Automobiles

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On June 3, 2024, the Ministry of Transport issued Circular No. 19/2024/TT-BGTVT, which promulgates Amendment 01:2024 QCVN 33:2019/BGTVT, the National Technical Regulation on mirrors for automobiles.

  1. Regarding the regulations on impact resistance and bending strength of protective casings, the impact resistance test does not apply in the following cases:

- External mirrors of types II to VI, provided no part of the mirror is less than 2 meters from the parking surface, including the adjustment position, when the vehicle is loaded to its maximum design gross weight.

- Mirror accessories (mirror base, mirror arm, swivel joint, and other parts) positioned lower than 2 meters from the parking surface, provided they do not protrude beyond the vehicle's total width, measured on a vertical plane intersecting the lowest mirror mounting point, or any point on this plane if the cross-sectional profile of that point is wider.

  1. When a Camera-Monitor System (CMS) is installed in the position proposed by the manufacturer under normal driving conditions, all parts, regardless of the adjustment position of the device, including the remaining parts mounted on the support bracket after testing according to Appendix D of QCVN 33:2019/BGTVT, that can statically contact a sphere with a diameter of 165mm (if the CMS or parts of the CMS are installed inside the vehicle) or a diameter of 100mm (if the CMS or parts of the CMS are installed outside the vehicle), must have a curvature radius "c" of not less than 2.5mm.

This Circular takes effect on December 5, 2024.


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