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Question: My husband and I have just spent one month in Vietnam and have now returned home to the UK. We would like to adopt a 10 year old girl from an orphanage in Vietnam.

The orphanage agrees with our request. In order to satisfy residency requirements we are willing to move to Vietnam and plan to do so in December.

However, we are having difficulty finding out what the procedure is and minimum residency requirements as we have heard both 6 and 12 months. Can you help?

Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the following adoption issue. Please find our comments here under:

- Under Vietnam Law, you must stay in Vietnam for at least 01 year up to the date you file application dossier for adopting the child. Please note that, during such 01 year, you can return to UK. However, your vacation in UK should not exceed 01 month per time, and not exceed 03 times per year.
- During residency in Vietnam, you should contact with reliable host or resident place who is willing to help you to obtain Certification Letter from local police or local authority affirming that you reside there within 01 year. Generally, the local police or local authority does not issue this letter. Then, you shall need very active support from your host in Vietnam.
- Please note that you shall be also required to obtain necessary approval from UK Government for adopting child in Vietnam. It shall take you much time to complete the approval process in UK, i.e. 1-1,5 years. Then, please make sure that you already obtained necessary approval from UK when you submit the application dossier for adoption in Vietnam.
- Your child must stay in an orphanage which is eligible for introducing children for international adoption. Otherwise, she does not satisfy necessary conditions for your adoption. You shall need very active support from the orphanage to make sure that when you submit application dossier for adoption, application dossier of the child for intercountry adoption is also completed.
- You and your husband must seek a job in Vietnam. Full time paid job is highly recommended. This shall be useful for you to prove that you have enough financial ability to afford the new life with an adopted daughter.


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