How to prevent "black credit" effectively?

The Economic Highlights program, conducted by the Economic Editorial Board/BNEWS/TTXVN, is broadcast at 6:30 p.m. every Sunday on News Television channel - VNEWS. The situation of usury crimes tends to be complicated with increasingly sophisticated tricks, causing frustration in society. While people's understanding of accessing formal credit from banks or financial companies is still incomplete, […]

SBLAW welcomes businessmen from the United States.

On August 6, 2022, at SBLAW Hanoi Office, Nguyen Thanh Ha - Lead Attorney and President of SBLAW had a meeting and worked with Mr. T Mark Spain, Director of US Small Business Administration based in Hawaii, USA, and Ms. Ann Huynh, Director of S3I, based in Honolulu USA. During the meeting, the parties discussed […]

What to do for the healthy and sustainable development of the corporate bond market?

In recent years, intending to raise capital, issuing bonds has become an effective way for businesses in the circumstance that middle-term and long-term credit of banks are narrowed, and banks have decreased the percent of short-term capital for middle-term and long-term loans step by step. The size of the corporate bonds market increased from 4,9% […]

General Manager of Colliers Vietnam visited and worked at SBLAW

On July 25, 2022, at SBLAW Hanoi Office, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha - Lead Attorney and President of SBLAW welcomed and worked with Mr. David Jackson - General Manager of Colliers Vietnam. The two parties discussed the direction of cooperation between the two companies in the field of legal consulting on real estate and the […]