Exporting vitamins, supplements, minerals to Vietnam

Question: I need help setting up a company in Vietnam to receive and distribute vitamins, minerals, and supplements. I have the capital required to set one up but I am a very small investor looking to start somewhere. I hear a lot of demands for EU made products but I don’t have the resources to […]

Formation of an Industry Sector Association in finance and banking

Question: Can you or someone at SBLaw provide me with an indication of the estimated time to gain approval for and the cost of forming an industry sector association in Finance and Banking. Answer: For setting up Sector Industry Association in Finance and Banking, we shall have to undergo two steps: – Step 1: Setting […]

Financial cooperation in Vietnam

Buying a property in Vietnam and visas

Question: Our company is a Payment Service Provider based in Singapore, with locations in HK, SG, MY and UK, USA, France We are seeking the acquiring business in Vietnam. Our Business Scope (1) Our tool is a Payment Service Provider specialized in eCommerce transactions processing. (2) Our tool works with acquirers to process the transactions. […]

Company registration in Vietnam

Question: I’m investor from Hongkong. It’s my great honor to know you through the Internet. Our company is located in Hongkong, which is dedicated in management consulting, registration. And now there is a client from our company who wants to establish a company in Vietnam. Therefore, I have some questions to consult you and wish you can help us. 1.How many shareholders for start-ups will required?If there any nationality or domicile will required? 2.How many directors for start-ups will required?If there any nationality or domicile will be required? 3.How much registered capital for start-ups will required?Do the clients deposit the money in the company`s bank account? 4.Whether office agency requires a practical office address? 5.What materials my client must provide when the shareholders are individual ? Could you give me a checklist? 6.What materials my client must provide when the shareholders are as a company ?Could you give me a checklist? 7.Need all materials my provide be notarized ? How long does it take to complete registering a office agency? 9.After setting up company,what materials my client will obtain?please tell me detail? 10.How much will you charge for the company registration, and what kind of service will be included? Is there any tax required? If my client wants to […]

Work Permit for foreigner in Vietnam

Question: May you help me to make Work Permit and how much does it cost? Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the following matter. Under Vietnam Law, in order to obtain work permit, firstly, foreigner must be employed by an entity duly established and operating under […]